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It's a new beginning. In November, today the company is packing the goods to be shipped. I saw the Hastelloy c light stick and can't help but share it with you.

HC alloy contains a large amount of Cr, Mo and other elements, and has a single-phase austenite structure. There are many excellent corrosion-resistant alloys, which have good resistance to oxidizing and moderate reducing corrosion. It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and good resistance to local clothing. It has satisfactory corrosion resistance in many chemical process media, including highly etched inorganic acid solutions, chlorine and various chloride-containing media, and dry Chlorine, formic acid and acetic acid, sea water and salt water, etc.

Corrosion resistance

1. Corrosion resistant in sulfuric acid solution of any concentration below 70℃, the corrosion rate is about 0.1mm/a;

2. The corrosion rate in various concentrations of hydrochloric acid at room temperature is not higher than 0.1mm/a; in various concentrations of hydrochloric acid at 65℃, it is also less than 0.5 mm/a. Whether the hydrochloric acid is oxygenated or not has a significant impact on the corrosion resistance.

3. The corrosion rate in hydrofluoric acid does not exceed 0.25 mm/a, and the corrosion rate is greater than 0.75 mm/a under the conditions of 55% H3PO4 + 0.8% HF at the boiling temperature;

4. It is resistant to corrosion in dilute nitric acid at room temperature or higher temperature, and the corrosion rate is about 0.1mm/a. It is stable in any concentration of chromic acid, organic acid and other mixed liquids at 60-70℃. Has good corrosion resistance, the corrosion rate is less than 0.125 mm/a and 0.175 mm/a respectively;

5. It is one of the few materials that can withstand dry and wet chlorine corrosion, and can be used under dry and wet chlorine exchange corrosion conditions;

6. It can withstand high temperature HF gas corrosion, the corrosion rate of HF gas below 550℃ is 0.04 mm/a, and the corrosion rate at 750℃ is 0.16 mm/a.


   Hastelloy C can manufacture various forms, such as plates, wires, bars, strips, forgings, flanges, 3D metal powder, precision castings, etc. Welcome to kangdeli for consultation!

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